Homeroom Narcissus

October 5, 2007
By Lakeya Coley, Chester, PA

My silent words tell the tale of me whispered as a lullaby to you
As you nap on your desk and ignore me
While the teacher takes attendance
Do you see the boy I see when you look in the mirror
The one drooling on his arm as he sleeps
The one that turns his back to me when he is awake
Gaze upon that reflection through the mirror in your locker
Admire him through my eyes
Distort the image you love so dearly
Refract backwards
In the direction of the girl wearing dark rimmed glasses
Whose locker has always been there
Wipe the scum from your mouth
The bell tolls
Carry on with your flunkies and fan girls
Leave me alone to gather my books and notes
Along with the story you drenched in slobber

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