Everyone and No-one

April 5, 2010
You look and you think
That there’s no one like you
But just so you know
That’s both a lie and its true

If you only cared to
Try and find out
You’re not as alone
As you felt

‘cause everybody has their problems
If you only cared to talk to them
You would find we’re all the same
We all have our pains
But we all think we’re alone

But although we’re the same
We’re also different
We all have our qualities
Of unique bent

We all have our secrets
No one can know them all
For most are not yours
To tell

For everyone has a little quirk
In their personality
That makes you not the same
As anyone else
You’re only like yourself

So now you know the truth
You’re both different and the same
Everyone is like this
Whether unknown or with fame

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