April 5, 2010
Eyes fall,
Hearts break.
I'm not sure how much more
Of this I can take.
Once Complete.
Now devided.
This is the end.
I've decided.
Want it back?
Of course I do.
I just can't accept
That your feelings weren't true.
What if they were?
No one knows.
You want to help?
Let your true feelings show.
Tell me the truth.
Not all your lies.
Give it wings,
Let our love fly.
I gave it my all,
You gave not enough.
You left me vulnerable,
Not all so tough.
Take my heart,
All the shattered pieces too.
Look what you did.
See what lies can do?
Take it all back.
Say it was true.
Tell me you love me.
Mean it, please do.
My first love,
My only, my all.
You said you'd catch me,
But babe, you let me fall.

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