April 5, 2010
Fashion is my passion

For those who are askin’

Allow me to explain

Why I am not plain

As I walked through the center and browsed to see

What I could buy for you and me

More, more and more!

There were name brands galore!

This is what I need

A wonderful spree!

Chanel is great but at a very high rate

So for now I must wait
I must not bite the bate

My eyes then wander and what do they approach?

A shiny leather bag clearly labeled Coach

It’s mine! I say!

Five thousand, I’ll pay!

I just want it to hold!

Whatever, I’m sold!

I must not forget
Before I’m way down in dept
To find the latest Von Dutch
And Mr. Marc Jacob’s latest clutch

I have found my dream store!
But wait! There’s more, more, more!
I spot a Prada to make me look hotta
As I walk down the street
To my Nike beat
‘Just do it’ and purchase
To look good on the surface

As my heart begins mending
From all the money I am spending
In the distance I spy a pair of red Chimmi Chues
I know with those shoes I shall never ever lose!

Now as I stop to catch my breath
Before fashion becomes my death
I begin to think
How good I would look in Pink

Halt I say!
I cannot continue this day!
I am breaking my wallet
For every whatchamacallit!

So this is the end
Of the spending money trend

I mustn’t go on much longer
For I know I’m not stronger
Than these name brand fashions
Which really are my passions

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