March 28, 2010
By Anonymous

My heart is captive on a wide open sea.
Will you please come here to rescue me?
These chains are starting to drown me so.
The weight of stress is too much to show.

My body is starting to break like the boat.
I fear, without you, I won’t be able to float.
Paddles are useless when I am going down.
My lungs will be the first things to drown.

Find me in the water when I have finally sunk.
The weight has finally pulled me to the ground.
My body, pale and dead, will be floating around.
My voice never again will make another sound.

He tried and got me to drown in his dark waters.
I am part of a giant army of powerful believers.
The chains start to win this failing war I am in.
God, saw to me and released me from my sin.

My body lays on the beach incredibly speechless.
The chains sit at the very bottom of the sea, I guess.
A light shines on me as I am brought back to health.
My heart is filling with his wondrous glowing wealth.

The boat has sunk; my problems are now gone.
The chains disappear; my ties released at dawn.
The waters die down; my heart is at peace again.
The paddles gone; my God is ready to erase my sin.

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