Doesn't Do...

October 5, 2007
By Preston Bullard, Gillette, WY

I'm not sure what to say,
but, I guess, I shall say it anyway.
For so long, I felt lost, and so confused.
Many times my heart has been misled, broken and
But now, for the first time, I am now truly touched by
and it's not quite what I thought it was.
Not a passionate, consuming fire...
Not much like a current passing through a wire...
But more as a slow constant burning,
coupled with an inexplicable yearning.
A constant reassurance that resides within my chest,
of a happiness as dependable as my breath.
Still, I'm not sure how to say...
But guess I'll say it either way.
Though for so long I was confused,
I have now found someone I trust with whom I will not
be misused.
I guess this is love...
Never thought this is what it does...
Where is the passion? The desire?
Why is my heart not set upon fire?
There is no flame, just coals glowing.
In my veins, passion is not flowing.
And so, I hope that I am not doing this wrong...
This feeling is what I have waited for for so long...
Somehow, I just don't know what to say,
so I'll just open my mouth and hope the right words
will fall away...
So... I guess this is love...
Sure doesn't do what I thought it does.

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