First and last dance

March 27, 2010
With you
BY chris brown
blares through out the room
the floor clears
your friends push you
my friends push me
our eyes meet
I blush
you smile
I tell you
"I dont know how to slow dance"
you tell me
"I will teach you"
you take my hands
place them on your shoulders
then wrap yours around my hips
I tremble
by your touch
I wach our feet
too nervous
you tip up my head up by my chin
you smile into my eyes
I smile back
Were the only too on the floor
center of attention
We feel the others eyes
but only see eachother
then its over
and just like that
you have stolen my heart
the best night of my life
it replays in my dreams
during class
while i take notes

lightning out my window
the radio starts to play
-i need you boo,
i gota see you boo,
and theres hearts
all over the world
waterfalls start
my hearts hurts
i know your gone
we started and died
that spring fling
I wouldnt trade it
but were miles away
-with every kiss
and every hug
you make me fall in love-
you loved me different
not for the bed
for my laugh
my smile
the way we could hang
I loved you
for your smile
so cheesy it made me smile
the way you dressed
(black suit pants
black dress shirt
white suspenders
red bow tie)
how you were such a dork
made me laugh
you showed me everything
everything i was missing
what made me happy
those 4days
you showed me,
better than anyone

lightning crashes again
my face streaked in shadows
colored by eyeliner
i know i will never see you
your in another world
my first and last dance with you
cant believe i had to fall
for you
i knew it would end
but i couldnt help it
and im lost
my friends try to talk to me
my old connesctions try to
be with me
but i dont have anything to say
i go through daily routines
but dont pay attention
now blank
dont know how long it will last
will i ever recover?
my first slow dance
and my last dance with you

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MMarYY said...
May 10, 2010 at 12:34 pm
This really caught my attention, and told a good story
angelWings replied...
May 11, 2010 at 8:03 pm
Haha Thanks :)
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