Christine Corvette

October 5, 2007
By Taylor Lanzafama, Wethersfield, CT

I can hear him down the street
The low rumble and roar of the motor
The Lincoln silver paint reflects off his green eyes
He parks Christine in front of my house
Christine is the other women in his life
She’s a 1970 Stingray Corvette
The 400 horse power that she pushes out makes her seem like a baby
The side pipes spit and sputter as he turns off the ignition
He smiles and I know that he is happy
“She ran like a dream today”
I get into the corvette and shut the door
He starts her up again and the smile reappears on his face
“I am the luckiest person alive” he whispers into my ear
“I have a classic car and the perfect girl to sit beside me in it”
We each put our sunglasses on
He starts Christine up again
He pushes in the clutch and we are off
The wind whips through our hair
We turn heads and make people stare
As Christine Corvette soars off into sunset

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