The Cycle

March 27, 2010
By Heatherr BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
Heatherr BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Harsh words and angry shouts
Turn to bitter love
How could you expect me to say I love you
When moments before you were yelling
Shouting with a cold unconnected expression on your face
Not looking out for me because I'm you daughter
But simply yelling because you're mad
You take your stresses from work and pour them out on me
You're irritable and grouchy
When the sunshine finally comes
The pain you left in me is still there
You say you love me
But I just don't care
Then the cycle happens again
You get mad at me that I don't say I love you
Or run into your arms or cuddle with you at night
Thorns start to form
They prick my heart with every shout
And soon enough It'll be a bush
If we don't try to change I'll never find any love
But there's only one problem
You yell at me and can't see my demise
I feel like I'm falling from the sky
If a bush breaks my fall then ill bleed
And wear a cast that I can never take off
I'd tell you that this is happening
But you would yell at me and say its not the truth
The cycle we're in is never ending
Help me
So our relationship isn't pending

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