March 27, 2010
By ninjapickle BRONZE, Medicine Lodge, Kansas
ninjapickle BRONZE, Medicine Lodge, Kansas
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It booms, it rumbles the old house.
Rain pounds on the glass windows.
Searing flashes of lightening bolt across the sky.
Its beautiful, relaxing, and energizing.

As it booms, pounds, and sears, blood rushed through my veins, energizing my soul and mind.
The thunder shakes every muscle in my body.
The rain washes away my thoughts, it clears my mind.
The lightening flashes before my eyes.

I raise my camera and snap a picture of this beautiful night, remembering it all.
It’s perfect, the thunder, the rain, the lightening.
The picture, its just… perfect.

Rain rolls down my cheek.
Thunder shakes my body.
Lightening illuminates me, its make me glow.
I wish this night would live on forever.
Just, never end.

The author's comments:
A poem about my veiws on a thunderstorm.

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