I lay here in my bed night after night

October 5, 2007
I lay here in my bed night after night

Bad memories rush to my head like a blanket of fog

I pay, 'Jesus help me, help me. Please just hold me!'

Tears run down my cheek like flooded river on a bank

I grit my teeth and try not to think

Pictures from that day rush to my head

'Hold me Jesus, I'm afraid to go to sleep!'

My body quivers as it begins hard to breath

I grip the sheets and roll up in a ball

The rain pounds on my window

The lightening, so loud it shakes my soul

I can feel the temperature drop

My heart races with uncontrollable beats

I can feel my body stiffen with every breath i take

'Jesus help me, bring me home! I beg you!'

My eyes begin to open, afraid of they might see

Then he comes

A burst of rays of light invade my room

'Jesus?' I ask

He smiles and grabs my hand

'Come home child.' he wispers

I feel my body loosen and my heart begin to slow

The weight is lifted off my chest

He embraces me and carries me, for i'm too weak to walk

I close my eyes and pray it is for real

Then he says to me,'Open your eyes,'

'child, you are home.'

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