The Beautiful Annabel Lee

April 20, 2010
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The beautiful Annabel Lee
She is the queen of the sea
She is like Medusa; you look into her eyes you are swept away
You do not turn into stone, but you fly away
Do not look into her eyes or her beautiful face
You do not want to become her slave

I have to catch this Annabel Lee
To stop her from stealing our men
Making them her slaves
I will have to cut off her head and bury it forever
But how will I catch this Annabel Lee from running away?
Also how can I catch her if I can not look at her?
To look into her eyes, well I do not want to be her slave
I want to be a hero and stop this mad rage

I go into the sea
Desperate to find this Annabel Lee
With her powers I wonder how I can stop her
Without looking into her eyes and her beautiful face
For it might be hard to resist but I have to try
I see a sudden ripple in the water
Might this be her?
Maybe it is, I hope it is
I tell myself do not look into her eyes

A huge wave burst on top of the ship
And a whisper says, “Who might this be?”
“I am the Annabel Lee”
You can not stop me if you please
If you dare take a shot for you will not win
As I jump in despair trying not to look into her eyes
I miss my hit and get thrown to sea
What I have done must be hard for those to try
But I get back up take my hit one more time
And realize I killed this Annabel Lee
Her head cut off
No longer alive, but as dead as the ones she killed
For I try to close her beautiful eyes without looking
You can still become her slave even though she is dead
And as I close her beautiful eyes I shutter with despair
Am I a hero now? Well I hope I might be
For I stopped the Annabel Lee

I put her head in a bag and when we land at shore I will bury her head
Into the pits of this ground
In a secret graveyard where no one shall enter
It is forbidden, by me the fair king of this land
I warn them to never enter the grounds
If anyone dares their head cut off like Annabel Lees

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