against the war

October 5, 2007
By Jordan Sandoval, Albuquerque, NM

its futile to fight
for its in our homes and in our lives
the relentless ticking behind our heads that we cant ignore
some do however, those who can do something...they dont
the timer will stop and all will see
the war is here, when will it ever go

peace is no such thing, man is to much an insolent race
we learn nothing, we want everything, we save ourselves

in the end yourself wont matter
its those you fight for
those you give it all for

thats what will gain you your entrance into the Gate
however, if you were the type of person to save others, to fight with the fury of love, then you dont care if you get into the Gate, you just care for those that you hold inside

what do you fight for
who are you
who are they to you
will you give it all for the right of man, the right to have a chance
to have a choice....
a choice to live, no one can make that decision but ourselves
however, lately, it seems the Reign has made it seem otherwise.

[thoughts & hearts to the ones i love, even though some may not love me, but i know, no matter if they know it or not...i fight for them.]

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