Here in the Kindom

October 5, 2007
By Jordan Sandoval, Albuquerque, NM

Here in the Kindom regret is all around
Grief is deeply implanted in our skin
Lonliness is something that has infected us all
We know not why this pain was bestowed upon us
It could be our own fault
It could be our own hatred and violence
Who is to say that the bad could go unpunished while the good suffer
The good get the reprecussions and live in fear
We who live in fear, we do nothing about the bad but let is spread
We ignore it, so in a way arent we the bad in turn also?
There are certain things here called love and happiness
We are to selfish to enjoy it, we always want more, but someday it will run out
It could be our own fault
It could be our own meaningless want of more

There are the good, there are the bad, there are those that stand by and do nothing and blur the line between the two.
Here in the Kingdom, here in the Kindom there is We. There is Us.
What can be done? or is too late?

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