"Hide and Seek"

October 5, 2007
There's truth in our anger.
Hurtful words that scar forever.
To feel hurt and betrayed.
Caught in the lie you, both, made.
Run to hide.
Hide and seek.
We all try to hide from the pain
But in reality we all wish to be sought.
Scared away because all the words that made "us" weak.
Tired and yet broken.
Beaten and outspoken.
Inside we hide in our broken mass.
Hoping this fight will be your last.
You can buy the world, cheap in comparison
but my heart, among other things, cannot be bought.
In the end we realize
that both of us have to forgive each other for the lies.
You're my cement,
I'm just a brick in the wall,
and without you
I would crumble and fall.

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