Where is Matt?

October 5, 2007
By Mikey Barthelemy, Albuquerque, NM

Where is Matt? nobody knows.
We have not seen anything of him, not even his toes.
He left us to journey and seek out a quest.
We will miss you Matt, but it may be all for the best.
At this moment he is traveling to faraway places.
He will have different adventures and see brand new faces.
On his last trip to the bathroom, from which he will never return.
We will remember him from his light brown hair to his little man form.
He was a thinker and brillant when in our midst.
Perhaps he's with 2Pac, in china, eating chicken and grits.
The dean might have got him, o she's evil indeed!
She lectures you for hours and during SSR makes you read.
What ever became of Matt we may never know.
Where Matt is right now, that's where I want to go.

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