Your Not Sorry

April 19, 2010
You're not sorry
for the things you've done
You obviously don't care about me ,hun
I can't believe you would do this to me
You left in a rush, your face full of glee
What happend to our happy ending?
What happend to being done pretending?

I thought you cared,
I thought we shared,
Everything we had
but you went and gave
your love to her
Now our lives are just a blur

Where do I begin?
How could you commit this sin?
I told you I loved you
I gave you all I had
You've left me here feeling sad
I watched you go
I watched you leave
While I sat here, in misery

I can't take this any longer
I just need to know why
You left me for her
I know you're not sorry
I know you don't care
but I need to know why
I need to clear the air

Please, don't appoligize
I know its not true
Your not sorry
and thats just you
You never cared
it was all pretend
I thought it was love
but I guess we're done
just don't leave
without a fight but,
don't keep me up all night
with your appoligizin
'cause its just false advertisin
Your not sorry
I know its true
So baby just leave
I'm done with you

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