Teenage Girls

April 19, 2010
Its always the same
Ask anyone, anytime
A girl is a girl
She laughs loud
She loves with all she has
She crashes hard
She cries secretly

Girls have hidden lives
no one knows when we cry
no one knows why we wanna hide
Its all a game to them
they watch us fall, they watch us break
when all we want is a little give and take
give us love, take our anger
give us friendship, take our love
it all comes back to one thing:


Life is rough and life is hard,
but do they know that we are scarred
We go through make ups and break ups
We get stabbed in the back
with a secret attack
We stress
We're a mess
theres nothing you can do
but help us get through
We need friends
and we need trends
'cause thats what makes us who we are
who will stand out?
who will stand up?
This is what being a teenage girl is all about

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