"Black Wedding"

October 4, 2007
By Margaret Crossman, Waterbury, CT

A clock is ticking,sinister in sound
A tear silently cried, falls to the ground
In a mood so strange, as the time draws near
For such a strange reason all that is felt is fear
Blank black eyes just stare of into the unknown
Bowed head, for this sorrow must not be shown.
Ease the pain and stop this now
And yet still walking because there is no haulting, don't know how
dark lights, all these faces are so hard to see
But they seem to taunt with their dark staring eyes,
making you wonder if things are meant to be
Grasping so tightly to these wilted roses
never knew such a darker shade than they
so dead they seem, what can that mean?
So gone is they blood red, is all beauty fleeting?
Dark as midnight, I can see, this dress beheld
by all these who see
Black as these roses but not one thorn
that must be because it stings like venom, and is meant to morn
These glassy eyes and taught lips soon to tremble
when a heart rips
somethings are to hard to bare
But it makes far to much sense now
If is known how
When with the living all that is to be found is such misery
Just let me be, where my eyes can not see

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