“Them” and “The Hellpers”

October 4, 2007
I saw “Them.” Looking miserable.
I saw “Them” trying to escape from the hell they were in.
I saw “Their” faces drained of all hope.
I saw “Them” trying to get up but getting pushed down.
I saw the alarm that went off when “They” try to stand.
When I saw “Them” I almost cried, it was so sad.

When I saw “The Hellpers” they were paying no attention
to how miserable “They” were.
I saw “The Hellpers” getting “Them” away from their escape.
I saw “The Hellpers” filling “Their” heads with the thoughts that drained “Their” hope.
I saw “The Hellpers” push “Them” when they tried to get up from that chair.
I saw “The Hellpers” set the alarm that went off.
When I saw “The Hellpers” I was furious.

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