October 4, 2007
Trading places in centers
Ugly sweaters in the winter
Grape slushy at lunch time
Doing things for Yankee dimes
Snotty noses and a cough
Hating nap time in the loft
Parents fighting downstairs
Living life with no cares
Kindergarten like a fantasy
To high school kids to look back and see

Frizzy hair and crazy boys
Pep rallies and all that noise
Dance team jazz boots
Hormones and swinging moods
Sleepovers with scary movies
Afternoon runs to Planet Smoothie
911 in science class
Running the mile and the meter dash
Middle school was a blast
But glad those years of my life are past

First day of high school madness
Perm’s death and the sadness
Drama like in Hollywood
Wearing heels, I never could
Warm cookies freshman year
Graduation day draws near
Football games and sonic nights
Curfews and little fights
High school days were the best
I wonder what will be next

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