April 20, 2010
By circlesneverend- SILVER, Fiskdale, Massachusetts
circlesneverend- SILVER, Fiskdale, Massachusetts
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"Breathe for love tomorrow."

They run through the night
Shattering the quiet
Ready to spread fright
'Bout to start a riot

I look in their direction
Longing in my eyes
They turn, eyes lock, instant connection
Instant setting of my demise

I was hanging by a thread
Now I am free
I have joined the undead
Our army of three

We prowl around
Searching for prey
Crawling on the ground
An innocent play

We throw flames
Light fires
We mean to harm with our games
Acting out on our desires

We exist
To torment living souls
We're made hard to resist
So you can fall into our holes

It's hard to explain
So instead, we demonstrate
All the unfair sorrow and pain
That was set in our fate

We want to make things fair
See people suffer like we did
Though we warn you, beware
You, we do not kid

We'll haunt you forever
Guest star in your dreams
Your mind will surely sever
After a few nights of taunting screams

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