A Real Masterpiece

October 4, 2007
By Devin Harris, Pelham, AL

For the past month or so I’ve been trying to write this masterpiece poem
But every time I start I can’t get anything flowin
Then I realize that I was tryin to make art out of something unreal
Like fictional stories that gave me no passion to feel
But now I realize that my passion is what gives me my skills
See all these compliments went to my head I’m not gone lie
Because it got to the point where I thought I could write great work without havin to try
But I had a real come- to- reality when I found myself with writer’s block
And instead of writin I’d be watchin time pass on the clock
I had to do something to make that stop so I wrote this
Because I’m passionat about bein real because bein real is bliss
That writer’s block also got me to be real with myself
Cause before hand I thought I could put my name on something and reach the top shelf
It also made me realize that after I take my last breath
I’ll have no more air to breathe because the only thing that can live inside that coffin is death
Then once again gravity came fast and pulled me back to earth
And now it’s easier for me to see what bein real is worth
Although sometimes it can hurt it’s always the best plan
Like I’m marryin life and reality is my best man
Reality is real and it really ain’t a joke
Cause real talk time is money and we all broke
Like the stock market crashed like the real one in 29
And opening your life wallet to see no time ain’t a very pretty sign
So to get some more dough you go and commit a petty crime
And get thrown in jail where you can sit in a cell and cry
By the time you come back to earth it’ll be too late
Thinking you live your life in such a cool way
But your last day on earth may not be as long as a school day
So you can live your life one of two ways
You can go about tryin to get your name in peoples’ mouth
Or you can realize that bein real is what life’s about
But keep this in mind you can only choose one route
And once you make your choice there’s no backing out
So make your choice wise
And see the reality with your mind and heart instead of just your eyes
And this poem has made me realize
I love bein real cause bein real is bliss
See for the past month or so I’ve been tryin to write this masterpiece poem
And I finally got something goin

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