Who Am I?

April 20, 2010
By dtz504 BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
dtz504 BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
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Who am I?

I’m lost about myself and stuff around me

I look in to the sky and wonder why

Am I Me

What am I capable of?

I don’t see what others see in me

But it seems like a lot of…

Friend? Boyfriend? Or Slim Shady?

Where’s my Mom?

What’s the reason she left?

Is it ‘cus I’m the BOMB?

Or ‘cus I’m worst than all the rest?

What’s my fate?

And where am I going?

Am I asking too late?

Or is my time still coming?

Am I dead?

Or just born?

Is the illusion all in my head?

Or am I just worn?

I'm lost?

But where can I go?

If I continue my life who’s will it cost?

I'm lost and that’s all I know.

I tried to run but can I hide?

What’s the point then?

I don’t even know how I feel inside
Is what I’m feeling a sin?

My life was gloss and shine,

until I learned to rhyme

Then I found what I can unleash with words.

But I feel worst than any man or any nerd?

Am I only good as the music I listen to?

Rock? Nope not me

Country? Not even a few

Rap? Now that’s me but if that’s true what do I see?

What do others want from me?

Or what do they want me to do?

Is my life for me?

Or is it for you?

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