My Life

October 3, 2007
By Lydia Caballero, San Francisco, CA

My life is been about ups and downs.
Daddy leaving me when I was three years old, he didn't care. He never came back though i would cry at night asking "mommy where did daddy go? does he love me"?. But my number one hero came to my rescue and told me everything was going to be alright.
But as I kept growing up in the hood life got harder, school became cruel to me, people laughing at me hurting my feelings even more than it already was.
Time has passed fast like the wind, and I've made mistakes but I've learned from it. What I do wrong only makes me stronger. Thanking my family for making the young woman I am today. Not letting people put me down, telling me I can't do it. I keep my head up straight and live life to the fullest. So before you judge me, get to know me, you never know you might need my helping hand when your in need.

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