October 3, 2007
Morning rays seep in like a shy child.
You gaze into the mirror at your lover.
Shining black eyes peer from dark kohl,
And blinding white powders hides brown lids.
Red lipstick adorns the smile you never flash.

Staring back is someone else.
You hide your metal smile.
Your hairbrush meets a bronze mess.
An angry iron withers your former black locks.
You fear your mirror-lover’s sight.

You love the reflection you don’t know.
The rear that winks beneath your skirt.
The cold metal in your belly button.
The evil heels that carry you.
The breasts beckoning to all.

Ah, the days before you met the mirror.
The smile that melted, not repelled.
The eyes that wooed, not thick terrified.
The untainted chocolate colored skin.
The trademark brazen black hair.

But no rival of a white lily are you.
No grace, no polish of a petal.
You’ve sick, transparent allures.
A plastic smile, to hide your empty soul.

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