October 3, 2007
A grace comes over you
Ha, only for a few times
Performing majestic waves
You’ve no idea how I crave you

Long flowing shimmering tosses
No one can change you crosses, now
I stand there in a trance,
Trying, just to get a glance, from you

Practice drags on forever
Watching you is like finding a treasure
Persistent concentration you look more beautiful than words describe
You’re the leader of this guard now, you set the vibe.

I watch you, admiring every move
Feelings lift audience’s spirits as you get into a groove
You see me in the distance gazing at your liveliness
Standing and waving, you blow me a kiss

My feeling sore ever higher and higher
I just got a kiss form the girl I desire
We go home saying to each other “I love you.”
Moreover, the best part about you and I, is that it’s true.

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