do you wanna see

October 3, 2007
By ashley robison, Colorado Springs, CO

do you wanna see how life can be?

open your eyes and follow me.

the best things in life are un-seen.

he said he loved you

you said it to.

but you were the only one who was being true.

he wanted to cuddle he wanted a kiss.

but when his friends came around

all you got was a dismiss.

you often wonder how a guy should be,

but with him, you cant see.

he's always late

never on time

but when its you its a crime.

acts like your nothing

doesnt seem to care

and his feelings he wont share.

but when you get mad

he acts like hes sad

it gets you glad because you start to think he might care.

he always leaves

never calls.

doesnt want to hear you

and says its all your fault.

just close your eyes

you pretty girl,

its a big world.

it gets better from here. or does it?

he comes in drunk

starts a fight,

i hear a shout

and then out goes the light.

he hits you here

he hits you there

this never would have happened

if you didnt care.

he starts to scream

says dirty names

blames it on you

says your playing games

you try to run

does no good

because then he pulled out his gun.

you start to beg

you say please no

i just want to leave you,

he says hurry up and go.

i dont want to hurt you

i really did care.

i know i didnt show it

but i wanted you to know it.

and now its way to late

this is my fate,

just remember that i loved you.

and im sorry i was un-true

but worst of all.

im sorry i never said any of this to you.

i should really hurry up now

its getting really late

my parents will be home soon

ive already decided my fate.

she turned around and said please no


its way to late

she really starts to cry now

she doesnt know what to do.

she starts to think,

i should have said it before he did it

im sorry

i love you.

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