Van Goch Grants Her Majesty's Wish

October 3, 2007
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There was a budding sensation.
The long task seemed impossible.
To paint such a lovely scene for a beautiful portrait
is nothing short of a comedy
that one might see at night
if that be someone's wish

Such a beautiful wish
brings enlightening sensation
to you. For in the night
nothing is impossible
or tragic. Only comedy
can be seen in the portrait.

And so I draw the portrait
for Her Majesty's wish
for it to be a comedy.
An awful sensation
is but impossible
for the scene is set at night.

So the moon shines at night
which looks captivating for the portrait
and makes you feel an impossible
feeling. Somehow you wish
the glorious sensation
could be less of a comedy

and more tragedy; but it is a comedy
laughter heard in the night
air with a chilling sensation
that can only be felt by the portrait.
In it is a shooting star; make a wish
that at any other time would be impossible.

Sometimes things that are impossible
can also be comedy
that deals with one man's wish
to come true that November night
while painting a portrait.
What a calming sensation.

Such sensations are impossible.
A protrait can never be comedy
drawn at ngiht for the Queen's wish.

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