End Of The End

April 18, 2010
Where is this place?
Why can’t we see face to face?
Running but always tripping on the dark path
Fighting this wrath
I know you did this all or did I
Was I the one that asked why
Whoever did it wasn’t smart
Now who took the bullet to the heart
That was the one thing I know I didn’t do
Who killed those few
They cared but whoever did it didn’t care
Cross to my side if you dare
My side is the dark side
No one will know where to hide
These dreams are so real
So numb I can’t feel
They said it was the start of a beautiful thing
That was worse than a bee sting
All they do is stand there and burn
There’s always a time to learn
How to escape this wretched place
When do we start the chase
5 hour head start because nobody will chase me
They see what I can’t see
They know who I am and I don’t
I need to know but I won’t
Who wants to know what’s on the other side of the door
Puddle of blood while you just lay on the floor
Why do we fight
It isn’t right
I mean come on it’s not the way
I know it’ll start again another day
I will stop it just show me
Show me how to see
Make me feel what I don’t want to
I will know what to do
Bullets and knifes are how we fight
Hiding from the never ending light
I’ll take this bullet for the blame
Somebody needs to take their shame
Instead of giving it to this soul
He stole
I have nothing so go away
Day to day
Why do you come around I don’t know you
Know where you come from
But don’t go back there

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