Another Teenage Heartbreak

April 18, 2010
By snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
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I long to feel your touch upon my skin,
my fingers winding through yours.
I wouldn't have expected
how I could possibly have wanted more.

If I searched the depth of you eyes,
I don't know what I would find.
Perhaps our earlier, happier memories together?
Still vivid and fresh in your mind?

I need to hear you whisper my name.
Just once; this final time.
Your voice is like a drug to me,
and I want to call you mine.

They all say I deserve better,
but all I want is you.
You've taken my breath away from me,
but hey, that's nothing new.

Their opinions don't matter to you.
It's just another stereotype.
But that's the thing that's causing
all these tears I have to wipe.

I'll put on my joyful face,
pretending not to care.
I'll laugh along with all the rest,
the pain is too much to bear.

I'll turn my head away from you,
to hide the pain etched on my face.
My poor, old heart's been ripped in two,
it's beating an irregular pace.

I'm going to smile like nothing's wrong,
and suffer through more than you can see.
I'll act like this is all a dream,
and pretend this isn't hurting me.

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