April 18, 2010
By snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
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"Always" - Severus Snape

He broke you, you poor baby girl
Smashed your heart clean to debris
You had locked away your love
But apparently he had the key

Every evening you stay up late
Your eyes welling up with tears
You can't believe this has happened
'Cause losing him was your greatest fear

Admiring the nighttime sky
There you sit with your head on your knee
You're relying on a shooting star to wish on
So with you once more he will finally be

Raised up high is your head
And plastered on your lips is a smile
So what if it's fake?
It's all the same after a while

Three months of summer have passed
But his face remains clear in your head
You still remember your secret glances, talks, and kisses
And, of course, the last thing he said

Babe, he really messed you up this time
He left you curled up in the corner alone
Wailing and pounding on the walls
Looks like you're agony-prone

Releasing all your bottled-up pain
Feels so damn fantastic
Let everything out; it's a-okay
For this was truly drastic

Obsessing over him was your specialty
And now you're lost without him
Who knew that a future away from this boy
Could possibly look so grim?

Knives are stabbing at your heart
Pain from this point looks inevitable
No one has to suffer this much
What he's done to you should be unforgivable

Everything he did was excused
But once you slipped up all hell broke loose
And once things began to get rocky again
You felt like sending yourself to the noose

Never again will you trust him
You've believed his "I love you"s far too long
It might be hard but you should forget him
'Cause with him you don't belong

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