Soldier Once Again

April 18, 2010
By LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Be who you are. Don't be anything less.
Strength isn't just measured by how much pain you can take.

The shadowy sky
spreads across the
horizon, encircling
me, calling out

to me.
Do I dare answer?
Emotion takes over
me, so naturally, yes.

Wind speeds, hearts
race, and voices climb.
Shadows, preying
on the weak,
the guilty.
Unleashed upon
the world.
The Devil knows
no mercy.

No boundaries

to limit the fallen
To stop them
in their tracks
and turn
the evil

To heal
the hurt
and pain
inside our
own heart
and soul.
To prove

It is true
of the bad
deeds I’ve done,
of the ones
I’m going to
do without
any restraint
or thought of it.

Do not judge
me of those
for I do
not wish
to end
the way
I might

have once.

In return,
my friend,
my life
does not
go unpunished
assuming that
everyone wants

Should I
give in
or send
them a
to come
and find

To fight
back this
injustice or
playing the

Life is about
and all
the indecisions
we face
Do we choose
Good or Evil?

Or are
the choices
beyond that?
More complex
yet easier?
The path we choose
will always make itself known

What people
don’t understand,
is that no one
is forcing
or controlling
your life.
You are free to make
your own decisions

Never be
afraid of
how things
might have
been or
will be.
Good things come
with time

There will
be a time
when life
doesn’t matter
because everything
is all messed
up and there’s
nowhere to run

Be brave,
my soldier.
Facing your fears
shows your strength
and determination.
Succumbing to these
emotions is not completely bad,
but do not think you’re weak

True strength
comes from
the heart and
soul. Stand
for what you
believe in,
soldier, you will
not be disappointed

those around
you. The ones
closest to
your spirit
and the ones
farthest from
your perception

Always keep
your heart surrounded,
soldier, for the
evil in everyone
could seep
through your
exterior, fighting
off the justice

Have the
courage and
bravery to
see through
everyone’s acts,
to call
them out
on it

Shoot through
their façade
and reach out
to them,
help them

you are
the one
who can
change you,
and you may
just change
the world

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