Golf Ball

April 18, 2010
By Dusty Barr SILVER, Davie, Florida
Dusty Barr SILVER, Davie, Florida
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My life is like a round golf ball;
Parts of it are smooth, and some parts
have dimples and bumps. When I am on the
smooth surface, everything in my life is calm and
peaceful. However, when I encounter the dimples, my
life changes. Dumps impact the flight of the golf ball and
the path of my life. They either bring a lucky spin to my life
which could lead to a good bounce, winning me the game,
or lead to a top spin which will put me over par. However,
the dimples are meant to be there, signifying that what
ever happens in my life happens for a reason. I
should never try to change the direction of the
golf ball because the end result teaches
me the game of life.

The author's comments:
my love for the game of golf.

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