Waiting For You To Love Me

October 3, 2007
By Lindsay Weiser, Congers, NY

Sitting on the ground in the back of the alley.
Waiting for you to come find me.
I watch.
I wait.
You’re still in there.
Having the time of your life.
I’m out here alone.
For you to notice me.
To see me.
To remember me.
To love me.
I can’t remember the last time you and I spoke.
I can’t remember the last time I smiled.
They must’ve happened at the same time.
I can’t understand why things have to be this way.
I wish we could go back…
Before all the lies, the drinks, the drugs.
Leave all of this behind.
I wish that night never happened.
I want to take it all back.
But that isn’t possible.
So now, I sit here miserable, and alone.
Waiting for you to notice me.
Waiting for you to see me.
Waiting for you to remember me.
Waiting for you to love me…

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