Waiting For You To Love Me

October 3, 2007
Sitting on the ground in the back of the alley.
Waiting for you to come find me.
I watch.
I wait.
You’re still in there.
Having the time of your life.
I’m out here alone.
For you to notice me.
To see me.
To remember me.
To love me.
I can’t remember the last time you and I spoke.
I can’t remember the last time I smiled.
They must’ve happened at the same time.
I can’t understand why things have to be this way.
I wish we could go back…
Before all the lies, the drinks, the drugs.
Leave all of this behind.
I wish that night never happened.
I want to take it all back.
But that isn’t possible.
So now, I sit here miserable, and alone.
Waiting for you to notice me.
Waiting for you to see me.
Waiting for you to remember me.
Waiting for you to love me…

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