God’s Boundless Grace

October 3, 2007
Shadows cling to me
Bringing me no rest
I cannot hear or see
Until I pass the test

Silence hangs forever
While I lose my clumsy grip
I shouldn’t have ever
Chosen this evil trip

I’m floating on the air
With no where to go
I haven’t got a prayer
This much I do know

Sin and I are forever bound
Because I turned from light
We will go together to the ground
Someday, maybe even this night

Suffering and Pain
Are my friends now
These emotions forever reign
Since I made my vow

Hope is a silly word
One I cannot remember
I believe it is absurd
And fades away like an ember

Finally I land
Face down in a pit
I try, but cannot stand
I ask, is this it?

The sky looms above
Evil and dark
This land of no love
Where sin has made its mark

He slithers to my hole
A smile on his face
He is the owner of my soul
He does not extend any grace

His eyes are full of scorn
As I inhale agonizing death
Wishing I’d never been born
To feel it on his breath

You will die today
No one will save you
Do not even try to pray
For your hours left are few

You wicked, wicked person!
You dwell in sin!
Beware it’s about to worsen
For I know the places you’ve been

I know the choices you’ve made
Behind doors you think closed
Your sins will never fade
They’re going to be exposed

Terror gnaws my insides
Fear flows down my back
Oh, God, I pray, please be my guide
Help me get back on track

Lights burst forth from the sky
His growls pierce my ears
Covering them I cry
And fuel the noise with my tears

Above a ferocious battle rages
The greatest battle of all
The one fought through all ages
For everyone big and small

A dove lands on my fingers
It peers at me, waiting
For my answer, it lingers
Is this what I’ve been hating?

Is this what I turned my back on
So long, long ago
Realization begins to dawn
The dove begins to glow

He becomes a white light
Covering and blinding me
The dark melts under His might
I am finally free

The chains have disappeared
My bond with sin is gone
My slate is forever cleared
I am no longer a pawn

I can sing and dance
I can shout with joy
Because of God’s second chance
I am not Satan’s toy

With Christ as my savior
I am now ready to run the race
And change my behavior
With God’s boundless grace

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