Looking into Glass

April 17, 2010
By Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
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Look beyond my eyes
Tell me what you see?
Is there pain?
How about beauty?
Passion surely must abound
Flying all around
You, the only viewer of me

So much passion I’m fit to bursting
Like a balloon
Or a terrified scream
Into the dark

The latter I think
As no one can hear it
Save my cold hearted killer
And he’ll never want anything of what’s held beyond in this mirror

Body’s aren’t much more then bottles
And when you look back at me
I can feel all that I dread
Well up inside
Fixed in tune with all that I need

The sound of your breathing
Is the strongest heroin
That keeps my heart still beating

You say you believe in infinity
Like in a pair of mirrors
I smile

Can you spell believe without the lie?

Irises like shields
Or walls made of dark garnet and steel
Forever I’ll kneel-
But now I’m standing up
Walking out on my own,
But before I go
Can I ask,
How much of me did you really know?

Not that I can blame you,
Mirrors are full of naught but lies
And mine happans to be,
Second to none

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