The Savage Human

October 3, 2007
By Cameron Love, Spring, TX

The sun rose from the dew glazed hills,
Its light feeding the hungry subtle flowers,
Cascading off the glassy ocean waves,
Breathing life into the sluggish Iguana.

The sun ascended up to the cloudy heavens,
To refresh the high, sloping hill of the Yucatan.
The proud native chief rose up the massive plaza,
To give praise to the mighty inexhaustible sun.

The sun dropped into the infinite ocean.
As the sailor was making final preparations,
He gazed, awe-struck, at the beautiful sunset.
The clouds took the form of pink fluffy pillows,
And the Mayflower became a dark shadow,
With a golden outline.

The ever shining sun rose and set,
As it cycled on, it paid no heed,
To the Savage who conquers.
The Savage who greedily stabs his brother in the back,
To take his place as Chief of the Savages.
The Savage who cuts and pulls out the sacrificial hearts of millions,
And shows them to the masses to please the Gods.
The Savage who hangs and stones the deceitful witches,
And plants there heads on sticks for the acts they carried out against God.
The Savage who shoots down the uncivilized Indian,
To make way for his culture.
The Savage of Steel who rises above the golden sun,
As a God to steal the freedom of his people.
The Savage of Freedom who holds the world in his hands,
And burns it down to make steel and engorge himself in leisure.

The sun pays no heed just feeds,
The cold fighting animals of nature,
And the Savage conquers all,
Taking more then he can chew.

-CAmeron Love

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