April 17, 2010
By ChildInTime PLATINUM, Broomall, Pennsylvania
ChildInTime PLATINUM, Broomall, Pennsylvania
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I am ready

I stand upon the crumbling brick
The air is stale, sour, and thick
Breeze gently kisses my pallid cheek
My knees are trembling, unsteady and weak
I calm myself, wanting no fear
It’s taken much to bring me here
My eyes skim the city, and, moments after,
I hear the birds, their spiteful laughter!
I close my eyes and drift away
Leaving this horrid, ugly day

I am floating

I hover now, above the land
I feel at peace, bound by no hand
The sky surrounds me like an ocean
Intoxicating, like azure potion
I touch the clouds, soft puffs of white
And fear the approach of the coming night
The blackness creeps, obscuring sight
Swallowed by shadows, gripped by fright!

I am back

I want, I yearn, I need to be
High in the sky, and flying free!
I must escape this horrid throng
Of dullest people, before too long
For if I stay deep in this sorrow
I may not live to see tomorrow!

I am here

I look about, into the skies
And see thousands of immortal eyes
The Gods, they gaze upon my face
Commanding me to leave this place

I am going

I understand reality rules
That dreams of flight are works of fools
And yet I wished to fly o’er town
To soar above what brought me down
Flailing my arms, I start to run
I leap towards the smog-masked sun
A shot at freedom, and failure too
Down tumbled I, who never flew
Without success, I still am here
A human--nay, I say, a mere
Fiasco in the human form
The lowest of the lowest worms!
And as I fall, from sky I drop,
I do not beg gravity to stop
I only wish to plummet more
To crack against the pavement, score
The Earth itself and plummet on
To Hell, the place where I belong!

I am gone

The author's comments:
Greatest poem I've ever written, in my opinion. :)

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