April 17, 2010
Grief is a decidedly petulant thing
Remorse, its cousin, is as well
For they allow no man to sing
But instead, turn hopes to yearns for Hell

They wish for him to end his life
To flee from existence--love, hate, and sorrow
To traipse off into the afterlife
Instead of awaiting brighter tomorrow

I too am plagued by the doleful pair
That promptly fill my eyes with tears
And, in the dark, frigid night air
Whisper sweet nothings in my ears

They speak of skies of purest blue
(This does warrant some listening)
And oceans of the brightest hue
Of sapphire, warm and glistening

But for this coaxing I shall not fall
Despite that every night I bawl
And every morn, I wake alone
And, like the nearly dead, I moan

For, with every passing day,
I pray that I be whisked away
Perhaps not to an afterlife
But anywhere, to see my wife

My wife…

And every cold and gloomy night
My eyes are closed, my mind takes flight
I travel to a faraway place
Where clouds are white as strips of lace

And skies are bright, forever blue
(Faux beauty in my mind imbued)
And, through the white oaks, tall and proud
I see what makes me shout aloud

O love, my love! To finally find
My dearest sweet, inside my mind
Though, at present, I believe I dream
It cannot be--how real you seem!

O love, my love, to see you there
With sparkling eyes and flaxen hair
In meadow calm, with grasses green
You, in your beauty, crowned Nature’s Queen

O love, my love! How will I live?
Without you, love I cannot give
I hide it deep inside myself
Like forgotten jars on a pantry shelf

But, though these things I do cry out
And though these things I scream and shout
You never seem to hear my cries
But stare with blank, lovely eyes

And soon enough this world decays
The land dissolves in foggy haze
I run to you, I shriek and yell
But no longer you stand in our rotting dell

I throw myself to the muddied ground
And, on helpless plants, I thrash and pound
You’ve gone again--our tie is severed
But I shall be waiting, forever and ever

Though, dream it may be, I refuse to believe
That, despite the affection you once did receive
You’d leave me again and never return
(Though, supposedly, you’ve been mortally burnt)

I have dug through your ashes a number of times
As frequent and casually as a bell chimes
Never have they seemed like your true flesh and blood
(They feel instead like flakes of dried mud)

It is simply an urn--not a cage for your soul!
I am certain that one day we shall meet again
No matter how long it shall be, I shall wait
Until and following my bitter end

But each and every night, I can neglect the cold
And instead bask away in a bright sun above
And have you by my side, at least for a time
Forever in slumber, with you, my love

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