Bike Ride

October 3, 2007
By Cameron Love, Spring, TX

On this Friday afternoon,
I was riding by on a bike,
And the kid’s were leaving the Junior High,
And the light was just right,
To see the blue joy in their eyes,
And they all looked at me,
Their love poured out my childhood memories.
This smooth skinned Mexican boy,
Gave me the impression of a long lost friend,
It was the one I grew up with.
Our bliss on summer afternoons was the sweetest melody,
It rang out in my mind like the pure laughter of innocent boys,
And its sound is unspeakable,
Coming straight from heaven.
Every time the memory blooms forth from the depths of my conscious,
A scar is reopened,
Pure happiness builds up in my wounded chest,
My heart begins to sting with envy,
And the tears come pouring out my eyes,
To cool my burning sorrow,
For the life that I have lost.

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