The Love Bug

April 17, 2010
She thought she couldn’t do it.
She didn’t think to try.
She didn’t know what to say to him.
She couldn’t even say hi.

He saw her everyday.
He thought of her as friend.
He never knew she felt this way.
He felt a special feeling that never did end.

She felt her heart pound quicker.
She saw him smile at her.
She got nervous when he waved .
She felt her world pause, and nothing did stir.

He loved to see her smile.
He felt his stomach jump.
He didn’t know what to say to her.
He heard his own heart thump.

She couldn’t speak at all.
She stared into his eyes.
She wondered what he thought of her.
She didn’t know why.

He spoke to her first softly.
He didn’t know how to say it.
He felt a passion deep inside.
He felt like nothing fit.

She whispered a quick hello.
She wore a big, huge grin.
She was intimidated.
She felt the goose bumps on her skin.

He started a conversation.
He was nervous as ever.
He liked her even more than before.
He thought she was perfect and clever.

She felt more relieved at his comforting voice.
She thought he was a great guy.
She knew they would be friends for a while now.
She felt like she could fly.

Love is a wonderful thing.
Nothing can explain it.
Love changes lives around.
Now maybe someday you’ll get bit.(:

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