The Fall of a Great Kingdom

October 3, 2007
By Cameron Love, Spring, TX

The trees grew in the meadow,
They bloomed forth green leaves,
To swallow the sun light,
And sway in the breeze.

As the trees grew bearing sweet fruit,
To feed nature’s needs.
The fall came blowing swiftly,
And striped off the leaves.

When the ground gave a sigh,
Time began to run on by,
And the trees grew mighty high,
To become Kings of the Sky.

As the trees ruled there Kingdom,
Moss crawled up there spins,
Rising closer to sunlight,
To feed and to dine.

The termites made cities,
In the Kingdom of Trees,
They feed on the brown bark,
And the dying leaves.

The trees kept good order,
And cleaned up each year,
But time kept running cycles,
And chaos was near.

The winter grew heavy,
The wind blowing heaves.
Some trees went falling,
Others dropped leaves.

The termites went crazy,
They made such a fuss.
As the population kept growing,
There homes turned to dust.

When trees grow to high,
And termites try to dwell in the sky.
The wind will reply:
“You will all fall and die”.

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