Yesterday’s Lovely Dream

October 3, 2007
By Cameron Love, Spring, TX

I lost my freedom somewhere on the trail of time.
Yesterday was a lovely dream,
I lived in this fantastic cage
Where my insanity would laugh with me.
On the weekends my keeper would let me out,
To fly with the birds and awful bees.
The stingers threatened my life,
But they never aimed to kill.
I was a lunatic I didn’t understand a thing,
And I loved every minute of it.
My keeper knew better,
He kept me on a short leash,
And always dragged me home
At the first sign of danger.
On week day afternoons
I would sit in my cage and listen,
To the sound of approaching disaster.
I loved the hum of a thousand voices speaking all at once,
It soothed my insanity,
And all together the random arrangement of words
Formed a meaning that chanted:
“Don’t listen to hard you wont like what you hear”.
After going to the school in my head,
I would laugh with my insanity.
Our joy would frighten off all the cracks and lines
That desired to consume my smooth face.
At night my keeper kissed me good night,
And I would rap myself up in a blanket of fear,
To protect me from the icy cold winds of boredom and the unknown.
My imagination would bloom under that blanket stitched by needles and ignorance
Until I was ready to laugh with my insanity again.
One Sunday evening I was bathing in a flood of voices,
I didn’t take there advice and I listened very closely to there many words.
I never laughed again.
My insanity left me for good,
And I opened these eyes I never knew I had.
As soon as the light came pouring into the pupil,
My cage disappeared and I was swimming in a sea of awareness.
When I got to shore I was out of breath,
And never again did I breathe.
I woke up and lost my freedom.
I wish that I could sleep again,
to fall into a dream and laugh with my insanity
locked in a cage of blind bliss where I can be free.

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