Cant be Trusted

April 17, 2010
By heartbroken_teen6132 BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
heartbroken_teen6132 BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
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you gotta take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you got & remember what you had, learn to forgive but never forget, learn form your mistakes, but never regret; people change, things go wrong, just remember... life goes on!

I thought I could trust you
Believing all you lies
Despite all the warnings
I let you in,
Or did you force your way in?

They could all see what you were doing
But once again I was blind
He was my happy ending,
Gave him everything,
Sacrificed my all,
He threw it all away

My heart in his hand
Gently torn from my chest
You held it once before
But with a clenching fist;
Shattered it like glass
Leaving all the pieces for me to fix,
You walked away.

Tears and blood poured from my battered body
Fixing everything you broke
Each piece of my shattered heart
Cut deeper than the last
Each piece reminds me of you
Each piece holds a memorie that cuts deeper than the glass

I fixed it on my own
I’m left with the scars and cuts
What should have been a warning to keep you out

But I was weak
You came back with your promises of love
You said that you changed
All I wanted was a happily ever after
Which you will never provide

With disapproval of one person
You back out of the second chance
The ENTIRE world told me not to
But I did

They were right
He only needed one to say no
He backed out
Once again left me tattered and torn
Left me to pick up the pieces
I will never let you in again
So bye bye to you
Hope you never get to do this to anyone ever again.

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