Elegy to Us, Ode to Me

October 3, 2007
By Brent Bulger, Tomball, TX

I don’t need you anymore.
It’s time to move on,
time to be alone,
time to be me.
I need to not need you.
Get over it,
I won’t come crawling back.
We had our laughs,
it’s over.
Who’s next?
She’s too tall.
You fit like a lego.
Brown hair,
brown eyes.
Must love dogs.
She’s cute,
Always faithful.
Never afraid to get your hands dirty,
a real Texan cowgirl.
I wanna kiss again.
I wanna kiss her.
She could never kiss like you do.
You’re such a dork,
so sincere.
If I could ever be myself…
you knew me.
You know me.
Your love is like a drug.
It was never easy,
loving you sucked.
And I am so bad at it.
worth it.
How did I lose you?
I just needed time to myself.
I didn’t do anything wrong.
A year of giving all of me,
I’m allowed to be selfish.
It’s not my fault,
you let go.
God, you’re gorgeous.
What am I doing?
This isn’t fair to you,
I said get over me.
I’m done with this.
You taught me
to be proud.
You were always there,
I’m alone.
You built me up buttercup,
wrecking ball.
I needed to rebuild me.
it’s good to be me.
I’m confident now,
I don’t need you anymore,
I want you.
I can’t have you.

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