My Life

October 3, 2007
Read it, write it,
Listen, or play,
It’s the key to the soul
From reality stray

It flows through abyss
With infinite potential
To all that linger
Justly essential

To core escape
Alone but aware
Indisputably lost
Of your own heart beware

Like a drug for the spirit

It feeds your emotion

Ever alive
A sweet, sweet potion

Speak from the soul
Passion unchained
No boundaries, no doubts
No life restrained

It’s love, it’s hate
Suspense and relief
Convey the true point
Whether joy or of grief

What do you feel?
Tell the whole world
Dive into yourself
Draw thoughts unfurled

Encourage, enlighten

Encompass the essence

Experience the nuance
Until evanescence

From the grrrr of great bass

To the cry of the fife
Without it we fall
Music is life

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Mary.Had.A.Lamb said...
Jul. 21, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Best I've read yet.

Pretty much exactly how I feel about music. Great job!!!<3(:

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