What is love...

April 17, 2010
what i think love is, to me, two people. one giving a knife and exposeing the raw soul for them to swing at or protect. if they swing at ur beautiful soul satisfying there putred needs for control and acompleshment, attacking it over and over while you just stand there open arms saying "i love you..." and once they're done ripping your soul appart they will be looking at you while covered in your souls wasted love... then they will see that they made you become a cold lifeless person... so i say go ahead cut my soul set it ablaze do what you want but if i take more of blow from the knife i have givein you, this i assure you when we pass each other on the street you'll see me i'll notice you and you will cry while i march off to battle the world, holding back my tears for heavens gates and becomeing nothing more then a memory in ur childhood...

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