April 13, 2010
By CopelandV SILVER, North Las Vegas, Nevada
CopelandV SILVER, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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"aspire, inspire, shine" - Me .

Ignorance, I'm reluctant to admit,
runs vivid through the minds of the loved and the innocent.

For within us is where it is hid.

When you deny,
you exemplify,
the stubborn ways of the world.

The guilt free, shallow depths of us boys and girls.

Negligence of the truth is no knowledge at all;

and when the lies start to fall,
people act like they've never seen...

The truth,
as it stands,
a glimpse of the world.

If we just stop to watch,
the possibilities will be sure.

Ignorance has no chance against
what is really within us.

Because patience
and self consciousness,
will only redeem us.

Simply free us,
from these fictitious ways of life.

But you will never know, since ignorance lives beneath all of your insights.

Your actions, they are all naive.

You say such things impudently.
And to think I could achieve,
such sympathy.

Your ignorance seems to stay ubiquitous.

Heinous, fallacious...
please, relinquish it.

Ineffably, your ignorance breaks me down,
the mellifluous sounds,
of your words thrown around.

You can do better,
we all can prevail.
Step out of quotidian ways,
and it will unveil...


Ignorance is amongst us,
but I will not go astray.
Fulminate against it;
and for you I will stay.

The author's comments:
The ignorance of the world, but the choice to do and be better.

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