I aint givin it up

October 2, 2007
By Nam Nguyen, Phoenix, AZ

I aint givin it up, come over here, let me give you a hug
I aint givin you a lie, Im giving you my love
Forgive me if I could, yeah I screwed up
I admit I screwed up, now this is a bit too much
Baby know I do much, I feel like cupid hit you with a dart and you ducked!
Dang, my heart blew up
Now you stay on my head like a new cut
Now thats true much, what I gotta prove? What?
& I hate how much I love you, thats something I cant stand
If Im gonna be a star, she my number one fan
Your love a helicopter, my heart is where you land
Now you all mad at ya man..... Man!
Without your love as my shovel, Im lost in the sand
I wanna love you like no one can
Baby more than a dime, she worth like a grand
So if you still love me, baby take my hand

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